Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker

The aims of the charity are:

  • to alleviate poverty
  • assist in the provision of medical treatment of the sick
  • feed the hungry
  • assist in education 
  • help provide clean running water wherever it is required
  • providing sports equipment and funding for the enhancement of public participation in sport.

Basically, where there is a need, the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust will endeavour to be of help.

This year, 2012 - 2013,  our Action Plan includes

Raising 2,000 for Children with Cancer in Libya.
Providing critical medical care and humanitarian aid to Syria.
Providing funds of 3,000 to the Sofia Tussis Scholarship to assist in the sponsorship of a university place for one student.
Feeding the hungry;
We also plan to continue with our support for British Heart Foundation and plan donating to local cancer care/research into cancer.
The Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust welcomes suggestions from the public as to needy causes and our promise to you is that each suggestion will be scrutinised before a decision will be made by the Trustees.
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