Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Yusef Abubaker Memorial Horse Show
The first Remembering Yusef Charity Horse Show, held at Claverhouse Equestrian on Sunday 21st September, was organised by close family friend Jacqui Benmalek, on behalf of the Trustees.
The show was open to locals and a few invited guests, and attracted a very encouraging turnout from participants and spectators alike. We would like to thank Donna Kerr-Ramsay, owner of the stables, for her support for Jacqui throughout the organising of the event. An amazing total of 560.12 was raised on the day and the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust thanks Jacqui for her unstinting hard work and everyone involved for making the day so successful.  Unfortunately, we could not be present as the show coincided with the Cyclathon but I have now almost mastered how to cycle and answer my mobile at the same time, as Jacqui updated me on the events of the day, and I had my friend and ex-colleague, Janis, updating me also, as her windows look onto the event.  
Added on 21 September 2008
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