Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Our Medical Aid reaching Libya today!
Today, Sunday 13 March sees the first of our vital supplies reach the east of Libya, with deliveries via Egypt to 5 cities in the east.  This delivery was scheduled for Friday 11th but has been delayed.

The vital medical supplies purchased with our initial donation of 9,000 is included in a large convoy that left Cairo this morning, Sunday 13 March, heading for Tobruk, Derna, AlMarj, Shahat and Al-Baitha.

I feel so proud that Yusef's logo will be on one of these lorries. Yusef used to help Libyans on a very small scale, saving his coppers and taking them to give to the needy. Never in his lifetime did he imagine the scale of need and desperation that was to be just around the corner. 
Also included in the convoy is 30 tonnes of baby milk which is for national distribution in Libya. 
On Friday I received a phone call to say the caller's family were desperate for baby milk. It is truly heartbreaking to see humankind suffer in this way.
Our reporter in Egypt has informed me today that Libya is absolutely desperate for doctors and nurses, but nurses in particular, as many of the nursing profession were from Eastern Europe and South East Asia and have since departed Libya.
Added on 13 March 2011
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