Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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LATEST UPDATE! Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust - Medical Aid for Libyan Heroes

The total keeps rising and rising. Initially, on 17 February when we launched our latest project, our thoughts were that we would set a 20,000 target for crucial medical aid for Libya. That target seemed achievable but a long way off. 

Less than four weeks later, we are today sitting just under that target with over 18,000 being raised and 9,000 distrubuted in medical supplies to Libya today.

There is no feeling to stop fundraising as the situation is worsening and crucial medical aid appeals are coming directly to us daily.
In Yusef's memory, we will keep fundraising and sending money/medical supplies.
Like our moto says, "Help Us Help Others".
Added on 13 March 2011
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