Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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26 March 2011: Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust Medical Aid for Libya
We have heard some tragic, heartbreaking and appauling stories coming out of Libya over the past 5 weeks since the troubles started in Libya. 

I have received phone calls and emails begging for medical aid, medical equipment, baby milk and most recently, asking for info on ways of getting news/people out of/into different parts of Libya.

We haven't heard from our family in Benghazi, Jallo and Ajdabya for 10 days now. 
Perhaps no news is good news. The Libyan people we have contact with have all got painful stories to tell.  There is such an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. 
In times of trial, I always try to do something positive for others and this positivity has brought us to a grand total of 19, 547.59 to date.  We have sent 9,000 to Cairo, which was sent to 5 eastern cities on Sunday 13 March, via Libyan Appeal Fund.  Last week, an order of urgent medical supplies costing 1800 left the UK for Malta, for delivery to Misurata, and another is sitting in Henry Schein warehouse waiting to be distributed on Monday for 8,000
A huge thank you to Asiah, she knows who she is, for all the hard work in locating, costing and ordering.  Let's keep up the good work. It gives us a focus.
Added on 26 March 2011
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