Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Medical Aid for Libya tops 28,000.00!

It is incredible to think that in 3 months since 15 February we have raised such an amazing amount of money for Medical Aid for Libya.

From Selling badges, to donations, to food and craft events and bazaars, we are managing to keep the total rising for this most needy cause. Never did we think that our fellow Libyans would be in such dire need, but still they are managing to think of others. They are helping those in the refugee camps by cooking for them and providing rooms in their homes and company and medication for those more in need than themselves.
We are continuing to raise much needed cash for the cause, it is the least we can do.  All donations welcome and receipts available, if required. 
Added on 29 May 2011
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