Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Medical Aid delivered to Libya
We left on Saturday 8 October and arrived in Libya on the 9th with our medical aid duly delivered and without problems from the Turkish Airways, who were fantastic and even allowed me to travel without a visa as it was difficult to renew my visa with the Libyan London Embassy not being functional due to the critical situation.
However, once we arrived in libya, we discovered it was not so easy to release our medicine from customs as they were afraid that we would sell the supplies, or that it was out of date or not what we said it was. Despite having full documentation of the invoicing, billing, ordering etc they held our supplies for 8 days until they finally released it into the hands of the new-born Ministry of Medicine Import. Thankfully, this made it a lot smoother for us and the day we left, we managed to arrange to have it delivered to the local hospital in Benghazi, which was the day after the death of Gadaffi, so the injured in the east were being brought to Benghazi. The staff were so happy to have the much needed vital supplies and the trip thankfully proved most worthwhile. Sadly, I didnt get to attend so never got to meet the injured heroes of this revolution. We did however, get to visit a local orphanage and meet some of the lovely children who are staying there. Separate report to follow with photos.
Added on 26 November 2011
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