Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Recognition from Dundee Libyan Society for Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust
It was an honour to be presented last night with a Framed Certificate in recognition of the work Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust has done in and for Libya throughout the Feb 17 Revolution.

We worked tirelessly since mid February 2011 as a family and as part of society to raise funds to send and take medical aid to Libya. It wasn't about us being a Scottish/Libyan family, it is about the inhumane atrocities and the indescribable suffering that was happening.

Now Libya is free and is working hard to smooth out the wrinkles and the problems and are doing a good job.  However, this takes time. At least we can rest assured that the authorities in Libya now are working to sustain a safe, free and secure Libya for all those living in their beautiful country.  I am so happy that the older generation have lived long enough to see this happen.
To receive a certificate to recognise the work we have done is very touching and meaningful. Wow, thank you ya Libyeen. 
Added on 18 February 2012
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