Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Medical Aid for Syria update
Yesterday saw Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust load up a people carrier and transport all the remaining medical aid to Nottingham for Syria.
When we returned from delivering the medical aid to Libya in October 2011, we planned to take the remainder by return, but it very quickly became obvious that, after the death of Gadaffi, Libya was no longer wanting or requiring outside assistance for medical aid.
With this in mind, and with the full approval and encouragement of the Libyans, we recently made the decision to send it to Syria after we were approached by a local Syrian, who facilitated by putting us in touch with Hand in Hand for Syria in England.
It was a very fruitful trip, with us delivering 114 kilos of anaesthetics, antibiotics, gauze, hypodermics, suction tubing, aspirin, surgical gowns, surgical hats, surgical scrubs, and we would like to thank Hand in Hand for Syria for making our task so easy and smooth. 
We sat with boxes between our feet, sometimes leaned on them to sleep and a couple of times, Haytham and Jaber were attacked by a stray box when we had to break suddenly; but it was all worthwhile and we are confident there is a dire need for this medical aid in Homs and the rest of Syria. I slept so well last night, comfortable in the knowledge that we had given all the medical aid remainder to a very needy cause, the sick and dying in Syria, Homs to be precise in memory of Yusef.  Libyan freedom fighters are being martyred in Homs as they have left the relative peace of Libya to help their fellow humans in Syria, proving the unity between humankind.
This aid is being sent imminently as part of a container to Syria and Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust thanks everyone who helped and contributed to the Syrian Revolution!  
Added on 26 February 2012
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