Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Yusef loved books and knew of the importance of education. 
We feel that by donating reference books to schools, Yusef’s memory will live on in others who read and learn from them. Harris Academy is delighted to launch The Yusef Abubaker Reference Section within their library. 
The Reference Section will begin with a complete set of encyclopaedias and reference books in history, science and computing, chosen by the Principal Teachers of the given subjects. It has been agreed that this will be an ongoing project with the section being added to, updated and replaced as appropriate. The initial financial input is £1000 which has now been donated to Harris Academy and a presentation took place on Friday 3rd October 2008. 

Mr Taylor of the Harris Academy Art Department has held a very popular art competition for all 1st years to design a book plate to be inserted inside all books.  Sincere thanks must go to Mr Taylor who has taken this work on board enthusiastically and shown a high level of commitment. 

Added on 12 September 2008
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