Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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The Yusef Abubaker Award for Learning

Remembering Yusef - We have initiated two Award for Learning prizes: one for Yusef's school year  in Harris Academy, and one for his primary school, Blackness PS.  

The recipient in each school received, in Yusef's memory, a  trophy and a book token to the value of 20.  These book tokens must be spent on books, but the choice of book (s) is up to the well-deserving winners. The criteria for the Award is a proven record of independant research, reading and an ability to use their own research findings to enhance their schoolwork.  I am hoping to be able to print the names and possibly photographs of the winners once parental and school consent has been sought. Congratulations to both winners and I am contented in the knowledge that Yusef's prizes incidently went to two individuals who are both credits to their families, as Yusef is to us.    We can never do enough to encourage and enhance education.
Added on 28 June 2008
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