Remembering Yusef Abubaker
Remembering Yusef Abubaker
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Dundee United Coloured Scarves - What a success!
We never imagined during our trip to Nepal that scarves make in a wee backstreet shop would be worn at Hamden for the Cup Final today 15 May 2010.

Thanks to Mike Ritchie and the Courier for helping us sell our quickly purchased stock, with the help of Marianne, who did the purchasing in Kathmandu, and Dr Chang, who kindly posted them on arrival in London, and donated the postage to the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust. We had fun capturing images of the scarves before the action of the final, thanks to Tariq, Greg, Adam, Ross, Jaber and Zaki for modelling!   We have raised over 200 for Nepal.

Added on 15 May 2010
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