Initial Statement from Seva Foundation on Cataract Surgery Camp - December 2021

Just a few of the pictures from our recent Yusef Abubaker Memorial Screening & Cataract Surgery 3-day event in Nepal (18-20 November).
Further details (including report) of this wonderful event carried out by Seva Foundation will be published soon.
The report and individual stories illustrate how important this camp was to the community. In the stories presented, three people were considered bilaterally blind from cataract. They only had the ability to perceive light or movement of a hand in front of their face. That means they couldn't see things further away, at all.
In all 24 surgeries took place. There were some individuals who required surgery but due to hypertension being diagnosed during screening, surgery couldn’t be performed at this time

The stories are beautiful examples of how dramatically these lives, and the lives of their families, will be changed forever.

Initial Statement from Seva:

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Written on 17 July 2022