Yusef Abubaker Memorial Library Officially Re-Opens February 2019

The Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust has completed the fundraising to rebuild the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Library. The library was built as part of First Steps Himalaya's Early Childhood Development Centre in Sangachok, Nepal. The library was sadly damaged beyond repair in the earthquakes of 2015 but through determination, hard work and the continued backing of our supporters, we are delighted it has now been rebuilt even bigger and better than before!

We received the following statement from Fionna Heiton, Founding Director of First Steps Himalaya:

"The Yusef Abubaker Memorial Library was originally built in 2009 as an integral part of the very first early childhood project in the village of Sangachok, Sindhupalchok District, Nepal. The library provided local children an opportunity to read books for fun for the very first time and was a huge success. Children came before and after school to read in both English and Nepali. Sadly, the earthquake of 2015 meant that the early chuildhood centre and library had to be demolished due to extensive damage.

Thankfully, the First Steps Nepal local team were able to rescue many of the books and signboard. During the immediate post-earthquake period, all focus had to be on rebuilding safe classrooms and ensuring that young children could recieve some education. Unfortunately this meant that relocating the library had to wait until the more ummediate education needs were met.

Now, the library has been reopened in one of the earthbag built rooms in the Training Centre Complex and again children are able to access story books and games. With the donation from the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust of GBP 2000, FSH will be able to procure a selection of new story books that are culturally appropriate and suited to young rural learners. The funds will also enable FSH to purchase new book shelves and put a ceiling above the library so that it is no longer open to the beams, preventing dust falling.

The community are immensely grateful to the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust for the support to reopen the library in this disadvantaged Nepali community."

09 February 2019.

Written on 23 August 2019